Maria Shimizu Christensen
Maria Shimizu Christensen

Author. Hack. Poet. Personal. Helpful. Thought-provoking. Opinionated. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy, occasional thunderstorms.

I've written online since 1998 (off and on) and offline (on and off) since forever. I sold my first poem at the age of 16, worked for a small town newspaper, served as the managing editor of a national arts & culture website, and was the author/editor of the 3rd edition of a guidebook to Seattle that came out in 2007. Among other things. These just sound the best.

I'm also an accountant (even when I'm not actually working as an accountant - I can't help it), and a maker of many things with an Etsy shop.

I have more projects going than I have time for. It works for me.

Starting Over is my Substack newsletter about reinventing yourself and the ways we change our lives, in big ways and small. It's free to subscribe.

Bauble & Verve is my Etsy shop. It's eclectic.

Repeating History is a Facebook page that seems to thrive on benign neglect and is the only thing related to the fact I majored in history

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Maria Shimizu Christensen

Maria Shimizu Christensen

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Writer. Maker. Featured in Medium’s 2021 list of Stories That Started Conversations. I write about life.