and the serenity of what is right

Why must I be serene
in the face of the unseen,
obscene, unclean
forces that rule us
from behind a smokescreen
of distractions and lies
they advertise as something else
to galvanize
their followers,
the wallowers,
in self-righteousness?

Why can’t I question
the digression
from the truth?
It’s not courage
to take the easy…

Photo by melethril on Unsplash

There’s more than one way to interpret the classic and beloved fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, but at the heart of them all lies the idea that the ugly duckling was never good enough as he was, and had to change to be accepted.

Awkward young people will grow into their true selves and find people who will accept them. After they grow up.

He was around the wrong people and things didn’t get better until he found the right ones. But still, after he grew up.

So, basically, it sucks to be awkward and ugly and you have to become something else, something better, to fit in. The allegory was written almost 180 years ago but we’re still looking for lessons in it.

Maybe the lesson should be that you were never ugly in the first place.

To love or not to love — is that really the question?

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Etsy sent an email recently that offered the choice to opt out of all communications regarding Valentine’s Day.

We understand that Valentine’s Day can be a tough time.

Ain’t that the truth.

I’m fine with it these days, but I remember the years of sharp pain as a single mother…

And, it isn’t really about politics

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“Too political”
“So political”
“So tired of the politics”
“Sick of politics”
“I hate politics!”
“I’m ignoring everything political on social media”

I recently worked with a woman who “loathes politics.” I didn’t ask her what, specifically, she despises. She’s a nice person who also hates conflict, which is probably…

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Writer. Maker. Top writer in Culture. Featured in Medium’s 2021 list of Stories That Started Conversations. Working on a book.

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