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Writer. Maker. Deep believer in the power of reinventing yourself.
When Creative Pursuits Are More Than Just a Hobby

My creations, conveniently categorized for consumption. Pardon the…

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy. Occasional thunderstorms.

I only do Star Trek cosplay. So far.

I surprise people all the time. I don’t mean that I throw surprise parties or lurk behind doorways waiting to jump out creepily and unexpectedly, hoping to make people scream. Well, there was that one time… Anyway. Moving on.

What I mean is that revealing some aspects of myself to…

You can call but I won’t pick up

This is the way it looked in the old days when you didn’t want the phone to ring, but then you’d have to cover it with a pillow so you couldn’t hear the annoying buzzing because the plug was behind a heavy bookcase you didn’t want to move. Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

The ringer on my phone is off. I don’t even have it set to vibrate. I won’t know if you’ve called until I bother to check the phone, and that will be on my time. Like, whenever I feel like it, because that’s how I roll — and because I…

The value of intergenerational friendships

Tattoos. Graphic t-shirts. Pink hair. Short skirts. There’s a long list of things that women over a certain age shouldn’t have, wear, do, or be. Some lists include having younger friends. Fuck that nonsense. And add cussing like a sailor to whatever list you want.

25 years ago I met…

Plumbing the depths of desperation

It might come down to a roll of the dice. Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

In the aftermath of the hit Netflix series Squid Game, websites popped up with quizzes where you can see if you would survive the brutal game. This is more horrifying than the show, because it hides savagery behind a veneer of entertainment, which is something the show doesn’t do.

and it’s not because I don’t like men

Photo by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

Apparently, I haven’t reached the age where I’m safe from suspicion. In fact, being a single woman in your 50s makes you even more suspicious. …

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

My grownup daughter told me the other day all the reasons she believes that the Pandora Papers will lead to positive change in inequality, greed, and corruption, among other things. Her arguments were reasonable, thoughtful, and intelligent. I’ll believe it when I see pigs flying.

I didn’t say that. It took effort to keep my mouth shut. I’ve learned how, but it isn’t easy. She knows the equal amounts of pessimism and optimism that I view the world with, and that my initial reaction is almost always pessimism. She looked at me, waiting for my list of opposing reasons. She’s still waiting.

I’ve learned when my opinions are and aren’t useful, and when and why I need to express them, but mostly I just think that she has to become jaded in her own way and time.

and a quick how-to primer for writing short form content

The cat is relevant. Mostly. I promise. Photo by Ignacio R on Unsplash

Let’s keep this short. You can write compelling content in 150 words but it’s a deceptively simple undertaking. It takes a laser-like focus on your topic and words that are pared down to the essentials.

Once you’re comfortable with the process you can churn out short-form articles to act as…

Maria Shimizu Christensen

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